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With BigRent your business become unique. Just like you.

Are you an entrepreneur in the automotive (body shops, repair shops, showroom etc..)? Want to add value to your business with new services for customers?
Then Bigrent has a plan tailored for you,
Because we believe in the capable and ambitious entrepreneurs like you.
car rental complete and makes your business unique.
Add value to your business!

Discover the advantage of entering into a large international network

Choose Bigrent means joining a team: your team.

To better serve your customers is our job; to give value to your business is the result. Offer the rental of the best cars on the market with the best service and convenience. Our network follows a specific plan to meet a market need; from the old and consumed concept of rental to the proximity rental car.

Why we want you with us.

Because you are an ambitious, unique and capable entrepreneur . Because you know the development opportunities in your area and you're ready to catch them.

Because you have grasped the importance of combining global and local.
Because you too believe that the car represents the future of mobility and that the car rental business need to place on the basis solide..


  • Benefit from a unique set of services, support, training, business support, operational and managerial
  • Seize the growth opportunities in a growing market
  • Complete the range of services we make available to your customers
  • The opportunity to enter the market for long term rentals
  • Diversify revenue with new commissions

Our affiliates:

Autocarrozzeria Snoopy SAS
Via Pacinotti 26/28 50053 Empoli (FI)
Hotel Da Vinci
Viale Togliatti 153 Sovigliana - Vinci (FI)
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Are you an entrepreneur in the automotive sector? Want to add value to your business with new customer services? Find out how with our program!

BigRent has a plan for you >>
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long term rent

No unnecessary tying up of capital; fixed expenses due to fees at constant price, your car always efficient and constantly well maintained!

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