Long term rental

It's a formula which provides an alternative to ownership with the rental of the vehicle, chosen by the customer, with a monthly fixed fee whose amount is based on the duration of the contract, mileage and requested services.


Thanks to Long Term Rental you will be exempt from any task or concerns in acquiring and operating the vehicle.

The advantages are many:

  • No expensive capital expenditure
  • No worries related to the sale of used vehicle
  • Certainty of costs through fees constant for the duration of the contract
  • Car always safe, efficient and always well maintained
  • Ability to focus internal resources dedicated to managing the fleet, on its core business


To touch the economic profitability of Long Term Rental is necessary to assess all the real costs associated with ownership of car as much as the so-called indirect and hidden costs, which often contribute in determining the real cost of the vehicle.

Direct costs are stamp duty, insurance, servicing, replacement parts or accessories of the vehicle, the installments and interest resulting from mortgages or loans, losses due to the fact that the vehicle loses value with the passage of time and when it's sold.

Indirect costs and are related to the type of vehicles, from type of engine to the daily average covered distance, the time management practices and documentation.

Long Term Rental eliminates all these hassles and provides you with the same tax benefits recognized for the ownership of the vehicle or any other form of self management. Tax relief granted by law for company cars or a freelance fact follow the same terms without penalization.


The customer can avail of a wide range of services for the best management of each type of vehicle.

And it's he who decides:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Tyre Service
  • Preemption
  • Replacement vehicles
  • Custom Services for claims management assets and liabilities
  • Complete management of all administrative


The rental contract can not last less than 12 months. The average duration of a contract for Long Term Rental is approximately 36 months, but it is possible to conclude agreements of longer duration. You can rent all cars, commercial vehicles up to a total weight of 60 tons, two-wheeled vehicles and means of transport in general. Are currently rented vehicles to transport people over 9 seats according to Legislative Decree No. 285 of 1992 (Article 84, paragraph 4, letter b of the Highway Code).

The long term rental is the ideal solution because there are no advance payments, simplifies administration and frees you from thinking, just by outsourcing the services.


The main advantage of renatl is to delegate the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle to the rental company, which will also deal with its administrative. With the long-term rental you pay a fixed monthly fee, based on the purchase value of the vehicle, estimated resale value of his requested services.

The regulations governing the tax treatment of expenses incurred for long-term rental vehicles, which entered into force by Law No. 127/2007 (Official Gazette No. 182), and has been compelted by the Finance Act 2008 for the system of VAT deductibility of expenses incurred for:

  • vehicles in mixed-use given to employees
  • vehicles used in the conduct of the company but not used
  • vehicles used by professionals or artists

For vehicles in mixed-use given to employees, the percentage of deductible VAT, if the vehicle is treated as a fringe benefit payroll, remains unchanged, while in the case where the vehicle is billed to the employee " normal value "(determined on the basis of tables ACI) is complete. In other two cases, the legislation introduces the idea of full deduction of VAT on expenses for the respective types of vehicles, if used exclusively for business and professional or artistic. See the table of deductions.

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