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Thanks to their license, NCC vehicles are a public transport service: unlike taxis do not have geographical limitations or uncertainty fees.

The customer who benefits from the rental service with driver, also has free access to all areas of the city, is not subject to any block of traffic limitations, such as alternate number plate circulation, and receives a certain and secure benefit in time and price.

All this means that very often the rental car with driver also appears comparatively cheaper than the taxi, even beyond the increased flexibility provided by direct contact the customer / supplier and the full availability of the dates and times of the progress of the performance.


BigRent aims to achieve for the development of NCC rental the highest standards of quality.

BigRent puts at the service of its clients a staff of experienced and professional drivers that can cover whatever is being proposed by the customer.

The service is also marked by the quest for maximum satisfaction of the passenger who can enjoy the transfer within the prestigious and comfortable cars, equipped with all necessary facilities for a pleasant journey.

BigRent staff speaks one or more foreign languages and can offer a representative service and characteristic of the same type of rental NCC, suitable for each kind of situation.

BigRent offers its customers the ultimate comfort and convenience of reaching the destination with great comfort without having to worry about the commitment of the prohibitions, restrictions on traffic and any areas with limited traffic, or queues and long waits for the search for a means of public transport or a taxi.

BigRent implements a policy of transparence to its customers: the price agreed in advance not present any surprises at the time of payment of the service.


  • It's a public service that provides coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • It has a municipal license and is allowed to transit in the center lanes, and limited traffic area.
  • When you book a service of NCC you know in advance how much you spend.
  • The NCC service is not metered, has a fixed price, and often less expensive than taxis.
  • The NCC is continuing, without rounds, if need you can be always with the same driver and same car.
  • Book a service NCC and don't wait longer to take a taxi, even at the airport.
  • The driver of NCC is professionally trained and trusted, discreet, educated, smart, punctual and courteous.
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